Tuesday, April 29, 1997

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  • British Elections

    British voters head to the polls this Thursday to elect a new
    parliament and new prime minister. The ballot pits the ruling
    Conservative Party —- known as the Tory party or simply the Tories
    -— against a re-vamped Labor Party.

    Led by the Clinton-esque Tony Blair, the leadership of the Labor
    Party has spent the last decade expelling left-wing activists and
    eliminating many of the party’s socialist principles, such as the
    party’s famous Clause IV which called for the nationalization of

    Now, the Labor Party is way ahead in the polls and looks set to
    sweep the Conservatives from 18-years of power.

    GUEST: TONY BENN, a Labor Member of Parliament representing

  • Peruvian Hostage Crisis and Lori Berenson

    Peru’s hostage crisis, which came to a bloody end last week with
    the storming of the Japanese embassy residence, the freeing of 71
    hostages and the killing of all 14 Tupac Amaru rebels, focused
    world attention on — at least for a brief moment — on Peru’s
    judicial apparatus and the condition of its prisons.

    This week, a group of Congressional representatives will be holding
    hearings on the human rights record of the Peruvian government and
    the condition under which defendants and tried, sentenced and

    One case that Congress members will be looking at is that of Lori
    Berenson, a 27-year-old American who was sentenced to life
    imprisonment by hooded judges in a secret Peruvian military
    tribunal back in January 1996.

    Here to talk about Lori Berenson’s case for the first time since
    Peru’s hostage crisis began four months ago are Lori Berenson’s
    parents — Rhoda and David Berenson.

    GUEST: RHODA BERENSON, a physics professor at Nassau Community
    College in Long Island, New York.

    GUEST: MARK BERENSON, a statistician at Baruch College of the City
    University of New York.

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