Thursday, May 1, 1997

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  • Conversation with Studs Terkel About May Day as well as Music Samplings About Labor from Around the World

    Amy is joined by Studs Terkel to discuss the history and significance of May Day. Terkel honors May Day every year, and shares his feelings on the importance of May Day. He tells the story of the Chicago Haymarket riot for the eight-hour day, which marked the first May Day. May Day commemorates the movement for the eight-hour workday. Terkel shares some history of labor organizations in the United States and speaks about the future of the movement. Terkel speaks about the shifts in the left-right spectrum in American politics and criticizes the way the word "liberal" has become a dirty word. Terkel also discusses his own life and the way he became involved with labor politics, as well as his experiences with Mahalia Jackson. [includes rush transcript]

  • Father Michael Lapsley, White Anglican Priest Letter-Bombed by F.W. de Klerk’s Government.

    Michael Lapsley, a white Anglican priest, was letter-bombed by the White South African government of F.W. de Klerk. He joins Amy to discuss the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa and his role in the freedom struggle. He arrived in South Africa from his home of New Zealand as a pacifist but, witnessing the gross abuse of power and force by the apartheid regime, changed his feelings. He supported the movement to resist against the white South African government. He came to believe that in South Africa black people had no option but to use violence to obtain their basic human rights. Father Lapsley now works at the Trauma Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. He discusses the the issues of amnesty as well as the Truth Commission. [includes rush transcript]

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