Thursday, May 15, 1997

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  • The House and Senate are again trying to ban late term abortions.

    Amy is joined by Angela Bonavoglia to discuss late term abortions the recent bill passing through congress, and the role of rhetoric and language in the battle over abortion.

  • Sexual Harassment at the United Nations

    The UN did not have a sexual harassment policy until 1992. Now a sexual harassment case has come to light and Catherine Clakston, the woman who claims to have been sexually harassed has been shot at twice, harassed over the phone and had attempts to drive her car off the road. Women at the UN who speak up risk not only losing their jobs but also being deported.

  • The Bust Mickey not Union Campain.

    ABC workers have aligned with Disney sweatshop workers world wide. Amy is joined by Bob Masters and Charlie Kerrigan to discuss Disney’s labor practices world wide and their connections with ABC.

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