Thursday, May 29, 1997

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  • Poem censored by NPR

    Conversation between Amy and Martin Espada. Espada was a regular contributer to NPR, but one of his poems about Mumia Abu Jamal was not played due to its political sympathies. Espada reads his poem, and we hear a recording of Mumia Abu Jamal speaking from prison.

  • Recording of Allen Ginsberg Speaking about Mumia Abu Jamal

    Before Allen Ginsberg died he recorded some of his thoughts on Mumia Abu Jamal. He speaks in support of Abu Jamal and shares many of his thoughts on American media.

  • Conversation with Martin Espada Continued

    Martin Espada continues to speak about his poetry about Mumia Abu Jamal being banned by NPR.

  • Indonesian Elections

    Amy reports that the elections are far from democratic and are in fact violating the human rights of much of the population. Medea Benjamin, the Founding Director of Global Exchange joins Amy from an East Java town to discuss the status of the elections and the impact that they are having on the population.

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