Friday, May 9, 1997

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  • Ralph Nadar speaks about latest tobacco wars.

    Amy is joined by Ralph Nadar to discuss issues of suits against tobacco companies, political ties to the to tobacco industry and tobacco advertising to children. Nader advocates going aggressively at the tobacco industry and not allowing for a debate. He believes that the industry wants to make concessions only in return for benefits but the believes the tobacco industry has lost momentum and should be prosecuted as aggressively as possible.

  • Debate about the the New Mexico congressional election to replace Bill Richardson.

    President Clinton has appointed Bill Richardson as ambassador to the UN which leaves a New Mexico congressional seat open. Nadar advocates for Carol Miller of the Green Party who he claims is a public health advocate who keeps her word. He claims that Democratic nominee Eric Serna has proven himself to be an ineffective leader. Bill Redman is the Republican candidate.
    Amy is joined by Eric Serna and Carol Miller to debate the issues of the election.

  • In honor of Mother’s Day, Democracy Now! will touch on the issue of incarcerated parents by airing the reading of a letter by Róisín McAliskey.

    Róisín McAliskey, an Irish woman and daughter of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey is imprisoned in a Brittish jail. She is accused of plotting to kill a British police officer. McAliskey is pregnant and will be allowed to give birth to her child. Actress Jenny Conway reads a letter written by Róisín McAliskey to her supporters.

  • Author, feminist, and poet alice walker reads some of her poetry.

    Author, feminist, and poet alice walker reads some of her poetry. Her poems have a focus on social issues.