Thursday, September 11, 1997

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  • Fast Track Trade

    President Clinton yesterday opened up a campaign to winCongressional authority to negotiate new trade deals.

  • The Criminalization of Immigration

    The anti-immigration legislation passed by Congress and signed into law byPresident Clinton last year is beginning to bite — and bite hard — allacrossthe country. One group of people affected are legal, long term immigrants whohave never taken up US citizenship but are increasingly finding themselvesdeported or jailed for what they consider to be little or no reason.

  • Julia Alvarez Reads From Yo! Her New Book

    This is the conclusion of a three-part interview series with award-winning author Julia Alvarez.
    [Part one] [Part two]

  • Bart Strike

    Formal talks aimed at ending the five-day-old transport strike in the SanFrancisco area broke down last night. The 2,600 workers who walked out onSunday are contesting a two-tiered wage system and are demanding a payincrease. Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART covers a 95-mile network that linksS Some 275,000 people use the system every day.