Monday, September 15, 1997

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  • Black Caucus Legislative Weekend

    President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore this weekend opened the 27th annual legislative conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, hailing the Caucus as the conscience of the nation. While the President and Vice President received a warm welcome at the festivities in Washington’s Union Station, there remain several areas of sharp disagreement between the White House and many black Congressional representatives.

  • Weld Hearing

    Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott yesterday again insisted that the nomination of former Massachusetts Republican Governor William Weld to be ambassador in Mexico was dead. And Lott, speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation, also said that he had urged President Bill Clinton to move away from his nominee, but the White House, and Gov. Weld, are not budging — at least not for now.

  • Zapatistas

    Tens of thousands of Zapatista rebel supporters flooded into Mexico City’s historic Zocalo square Friday to welcome a caravan of Zapatista guerrillas. The 1,111 masked rebels set off on the four-day, 750 mile trek from their jungle bases in the southern state of Chiapas early last week to mark the establishment of a legal political group, the Zapatista Front, and to galvanize the indigenous movement in the country.