Wednesday, October 14, 1998

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  • Milosevic Given Deadline to Avert NATO Strikes

    NATO yesterday authorized air strikes on Serbian targets, giving Yugoslav President Slobadan Milosevic four days to avoid them by ending what the U.S. calls his seven-month offensive against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. The NATO authorization clears the way for air strikes using U.S. cruise missiles, to be followed by a campaign of aerial bombing.

  • Supreme Court Rules On Hate Crimes Law

    The beating death this week of Matthew Shepard, a gay University of Wyoming student, has increased calls from activists for Congress and lawmakers around the country to give gay men and lesbians the protection of hate-crime laws. Meanwhile, two years after overturning an anti-gay rights amendment to the Colorado Constitution, the Supreme Court yesterday left intact a similar measure barring protective legislation for gay men and lesbians in Cincinnati.

  • Review of IMF with Walden Belo

    Congressional Republicans said yesterday an agreement was imminent to free up $18 billion in U.S. funding for the International Monetary Fund’s coffers. Agreement on President Clinton’s $18 billion request for the U.S. share of funding for the IMF would come in exchange for a commitment by the administration to pursue changes in the way the IMF does business.

  • Activists Mobilize for Federal Hate Crimes Law

    Activists launch national campaigns and vigils to call for a Hate Crimes Prevention Act.