Wednesday, November 11, 1998

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  • Clinton Signs Gulf War Veteran Legislation

    President Clinton is expected to sign HR4110, the Veterans Programs Enhancement Act of 1998, relating to medical coverage for veterans of the Gulf War. Until now, if a veteran had an illness, whether it was cancer or a neurological disease, and wanted medical care as a veteran, they were required to file a claim with the Veterans Administration for consideration as a service-connected disease. The burden of proof rested on the veteran, and an estimated 96 percent of these claims were rejected by the VA.

  • Gulf War Veterans Roundtable Discusses Health Issues

    Gulf War veterans say they suffer from serious health problems as a result of being exposed to several toxins during the war.

  • LA Activism: Hollywood to the Highways: Movie Studio Workers

    As movie studios expand their operations in the LA area to include on-site entertainment such as restaurants and studio tours, they are increasingly bypassing unionized labor and hiring workers at below living wages by using contractual loopholes. Despite the fact that unions in the movie business have traditionally been strong, many recently-hired workers are struggling to make ends meet.

  • Bus Riders Union Demands Better Service in Car City

    Los Angeles’ poor communities have long complained about inadequate service or in some cases no service in their area. In the metro area an estimated 90 percent of the population does not use public transportation, but instead gets around by car.