Thursday, February 12, 1998

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  • Bishop Gumbleton Protests Iraq Situation

    Bishop Gumbleton, the Catholic bishop of Detroit, is headed to the White House this morning. He’ll be engaging in civil disobedience to protest the embargo against Iraq and the possible air attack.

  • Ameriyeh Bombing Anniversary

    Military officials and media pundits are telling the American people that any U.S. bombing would target Iraq’s military capacity and not its people, but we’ve been told that before. Seven years ago tonight, the U.S. public began to hear reports that smart bombs had successfully targeted a military bunker in a suburb of Baghdad. Then the news broadcast the image of a missile cleanly hitting its target — shot from the airplane above, shown with graphic precision on computer screen.

  • Mordechai Vanunu and Israel’s Nuke Program

    Mordechai Vanunu, 43 years old, is now in his 12th year of solitary confinement in an Israeli maximum security prison for blowing the whistle on Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program.

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