Thursday, March 19, 1998

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  • Presidential Panel Criticizes Federal Needle Exchange Policy

    The president’s advisory panel on AIDS angrily criticized this week the Clinton Administration’s inaction on what they call life-saving needle exchange programs.

  • Death Row Inmates Call Off Hunger Strike

    Dozens of death row inmates at Green penitentiary in Pennsylvania called off their hunger strike yesterday after authorities agreed to lift draconian new prison rules. The regulations severely restrict inmates’ access to legal materials as well as the commissary.

  • Biotechnology Gains Footing in Organic Food

    This past December, Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman announced a proposed a new national set of standards for the burgeoning organic food industry. The new rules aim to set a uniform national standard about what is and what is not organic.

  • Court Case Reviews 1st Amenfment Claims in Campaign Finance Issue

    A Federal appeals court in Cincinnati heard arguments this week from activist attorney’s opposed to the flood of campaign money pouring into local, state and federal elections.

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