Tuesday, March 31, 1998

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  • Clinton’s Military Agenda for Africa Tour

    The six countries on President Clinton’s Africa itinerary were not chosen at random. As the White House has frequently said, most of the countries the President visited have worked closely with the IMF and World Bank on pro-business economic reforms. Most of the countries on his tour are part of a new U.S. military force that the Pentagon is now building in sub-Saharan Africa. Ghana, Uganda, Botswana, and Senegal — where President Clinton heads tomorrow — are all part of the "African Crisis Response Initiative."

  • Supreme Court Tackles Obscenity, Again

    The Supreme Court today will hear argument in the case of Finley vs. the NEA.

  • Cesar Chavez Remembered — Plight of Strawberry Workers

    The United Farmworkers Union has launched a major organizing drive on behalf of 20,000 California berry workers to improve pay and conditions despite bitter opposition form the state’s $600 million-a-year strawberry industry.

  • Critics Warn U.S. Intervention Worsens Colombian Crisis

    The House of Representatives yesterday voted to urge President Clinton to give three Blackhawk helicopters to the Colombian National Police saying they would be used in fighting drug production.