Wednesday, May 13, 1998

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  • Historian Zinn Addresses Nation’s Censored Reports

    No other historian has attacked the distortions and myths about the history of the United States as forcefully as Howard Zinn. His book, A People’s History of the United States, tells history not from the perspective of the victors, but rather through the voices of the victims. A People’s History has become standard text in the struggle for justice in this country. Zinn has said that because history is not neutral, neither should historians be. He has been arrested numerous times for antiwar actions and other demonstrations, and has testified at several civil disobedience trials in this country on the importance of breaking unjust laws. Today we play for you a very powerful speech Howard Zinn gave just a few weeks ago at the Project Censored Awards in New York City, awards given to journalists who wrote stories censored or un-covered by the "corporate media." [includes rush transcript]

  • Kids for Sale: Targeted Advertising

    May is the month for the CLIO Awards, the Oscars of commercials, when the advertising industry pays tribute to its most artful and accomplished commercials. On the eve of the ad industry’s event, the 2nd annual Schmio Awards ceremony was held honoring advertisers’ dubious achievements. The theme of the evening was "Kids for Sale." Among the presenters was activist and comedian Dick Gregory. [includes rush transcript]

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