Friday, May 22, 1998

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  • Dn Recovers Tapes From Plowshares Demonstration

    We have an important announcement to make: the audio tapes that were confiscated from Democracy Now! by the FBI and the Air Force have been returned, although the film they confiscated was exposed.

  • Chomsky Discusses Recent Events in Indonesia

    Hours after Jusuf Habibe addressed the nation, thousands of students occupying parliament for the fifth straight day demanded that Habibe step down. The students say they won’t leave the parliament until Habibe follows Suharto. The students are also demanding that the former dictator Suharto be put on trial.

  • Review of U.S. Corporations in Indonesia

    Over the past week, the U.S. has sent in planes to evacuate U.S. citizens from Indonesia. Many of them work for U.S. corporationsthere. Today we begin our series looking at some of those companies. Danny Kennedy is the director of Project Underground, a San Francisco based organization that monitors corporate environmental and human rights abuses. It has come out with a report of the U.S.–based mining corporation Freeport McMoran.

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