Monday, August 31, 1998

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  • Election Preparations in Nigeria

    Amy Goodman reports from Nigeria on public suspicions about preparations for democratic elections.

  • Affirmative Action On Campus

    Since the passage of ballot measure 209 — the misleadingly named civil rights initiative — affirmative action in California has been banned at the graduate level. This spring it went into effect on undergraduate admissions. In New York, conservative politicians pushing to end open admissions, persuaded the City University board of trustees last session to vote to end remedial education.

  • Public Access TV

    The debate continues over the issues of access and control of knowledge. As multinational corporations have increasingly gobbled up media outlets, we have seen an explosion of creativity on public access television. Public access enables local people to air their ideas, thoughts and talents pretty much for free at their local cable provider. Cable companies are currently required by law to give airtime to the community. In some cases cable access shows can have larger audiences than network TV.

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