Thursday, September 17, 1998

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  • Senate Evaluates Bankruptcy Act

    The Senate is set to debate today the passage of the Bankruptcy Bill. If passed, the measure would make it more difficult to declare fresh-start bankruptcy.

  • Congress Ignores Human Rights in Anti-Drug Funding, Considers Releasing Human Rights Documents

    Yesterday the House of Representatives passed the Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act, which authorizes $2.3 billion in equipment and programs aimed at drug interdiction over the next three years. Critics say the Act does not include measures for human rights protection, and that without them, military aid could end up in the hands of human rights violators.

  • Iran/Afghanistan Conflict Intensifies

    Army divisions from nine Iranian provinces are heading for the border with Afghanistan for military maneuvers that could begin as early as this weekend. This follows weeks of increased tension between the two countries, which may go to war in the next few weeks.