Tuesday, November 9, 1999

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  • Voices of the Disappeared: Argentines Respond to Spanish Indictment of "Dirty War" Perpetrators

    Outgoing Argentine President Carlos Menem last week vehemently rejected a Spanish judge’s attempt to prosecute members of the military junta responsible for Argentina’s "Dirty War." Menem said that he will oppose all extradition requests, and will leave the conflict for the next government to deal with. President-elect Fernando de la Rua said that the Spanish warrants "have no practical effect" for Argentina because they order arrests outside national territory.

  • Voices of the Disappeared Continued

    In June of last year, Argentine authorities arrested Gen. Jose Videla, the 73-year-old former Argentine dictator. He was charged with commanding the regime’s systematic practice of holding pregnant women prisoners until they gave birth, then killing them and turning over the babies to police and soldiers who concealed the children’s identities. Their reasoning emerged from statements given by commanders cited in the indictment against Videla: Children were given to military families to prevent them from growing up and becoming vengeful "subversives," witnesses said. It was seen as an act of self-defense and of Christian compassion toward the children of the "infidels."

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