Thursday, December 16, 1999

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  • Cuban Detainees in U.S. Rebel Against Deportation Proceedings

    Cuban detainees who took control of a Louisiana Parish jail four days ago in a rebellion against their indefinite jailing by the INS yesterday released 26 fellow prisoners from the jail. The detainees, some of whom are thought to have been in INS detention for over 10 years, are demanding safe passage out of the United States.

  • U.S. and Cuba Battle Over Custody of Cuban Boy Elian Gonzalez

    A cousin fighting with her family for custody of a 6-year old Cuban castaway wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton yesterday, urging her to use her clout to prevent the boy from being sent back to Cuba.

  • Phone Companies Sued for Ripping Off Families and Friends of Prisoners with Artificially High Phone Charges

    Prisons, in theory, were intended as places for rehabilitation and punishment, but more and more are being used as places for corporations to make a profit. With the U.S. prison population projected to reach 2 million this February, major telephone companies such as AT&T and MCI offer states large commissions, sometimes as large as 55 percent-to charge excessively high rates for calls made to the families and friends of prisoners. A study for the Florida legislature conducted last year found that 11 of the 12 states with the largest prison populations earned revenue in this manner. New York projects phone commission income of $21.5 million for this fiscal year.

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