Friday, February 19, 1999

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  • Jasper Lynching Trial

    Today is the third day of the murder trial of white supremacist John William King, accused of dragging an African-American man to death behind a pickup truck. Yesterday, a former fellow inmate of King’s testified that King had vowed in prison that he would kidnap and kill a black man when he got free in order to attract attention to a white supremacist group that he was trying to form.

  • Southern Injustice: The Trials of Woodfox and Wallace

    More than 25 years after he was convicted and sentenced to life in solitary confinement by an all-white jury for the killing of a white prison guard at Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana, former Black Panther Albert Woodfox was re-tried last December for the same killing. After a highly politicized re-trial in which the prosecutor brought up Woodfox’s Black Panther activities and statements he made against the police, he was once again convicted for the murder of the guard, named Brent Miller, who was stabbed to death in April of 1972. Woodfox will be re-sentenced on Tuesday, February 23rd, and is expected to receive life without parole.

  • Interview About Herman Wallace

    While Albert Woodfox was granted a new trial and faces re-sentencing, his friend and fellow Black Panther, Herman Wallace is filing an appeal that his case be overturned. Malik Rahim, a former Black Panther who has known both men for over two decades, says he fears for the safety of Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox and the prisoners who testified on their behalf. One inmate witness has already "killed himself"(his quotes) after a "failed escape attempt," and Rahim fears that an escape attempt will be staged by guards, giving them reason to shoot and kill the men. He urges people to contact Louisiana Governor Mike Foster to demand that the safety of these men be monitored, and to offer their analysis of the facts as presented in the trial.

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