Tuesday, April 20, 1999

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  • Peace Activists Around the World

    As NATO continues to pound communications sites, factories and other so-called military targets in Yugoslavia, the Serb news agency Tanjug reports today that NATO attacks overnight have killed or injured at least 12 people in Serbia’s third-largest city, Nis. This comes just one day after NATO reluctantly admitted having hit a civilian convoy in Kosovo last week that killed over 70 Kosovar Albanians–NATO had previously said that its planes had accidentally hit a tractor with civilians that was part of a military convoy. And as civilian casualties and environmental destruction caused by the bombings mount, so does the international call for an alternative to war in Yugoslavia. This past weekend, thousands of peace activists demonstrated in NATO countries against the bombings.

  • Hope for Africa Bill / AIDS

    AIDS activists, fair trade groups and environmental defenders will come together tomorrow in Washington, DC, in what is expected to be a large demonstration in support of the HOPE for Africa trade bill, and in protest of the African Growth and Opportunity Act. The activists are especially stressing the issue of how pharmaceutical companies would operate in Africa under the two competing bills. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., (D-Ill), author of the HOPE for Africa Bill, has added a provision that would stop the Clinton Administration from imposing sanctions against countries like South Africa that seek to manufacture generic versions of key drugs at much cheaper prices. This is particularly crucial for HIV and AIDS patients in a continent that has been ravaged by AIDS.

  • Critical Resistance–Go to Prison Week

    Last week, on the anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in order to draw attention to the nearly 2 million people locked up in prisons and jails in the United States, a campaign called Critical Resistance held "Go to Prison Week" to build alliances between prisoners and the "free world."