Monday, May 3, 1999

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  • Thousands Protest Against School of the Americas

    Thousands of protesters are demonstrating in front of the Pentagon, and over fifty have been arrested, in a weekend-long series of demonstrations calling for the closing of the School of the Americas, where many of Latin America’s most notorious human rights violators were trained. Over 3,000 people also marched on Saturday in front of the White House.

  • US-Russia Talks On Yugoslavia

    US-Russia Talks on Yugoslavia One day after Yugoslavia’s release of three captured U.S. soldiers, NATO airstrikes have knocked out power to much of Serbia. Yugoslavia’s Health Minister said today that many hospitals have lost power and are functioning on backup generators, which could fail within hours, affecting hospitalized patients, including infants in incubators.

  • Mumia Commentary

    Each month, Democracy Now and the Prison Radio Project bring you "All Things Censored," commentaries written by African American journalist and death row prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. The commentaries are read by activists, writers and artists because Pennsylvania prison authorities have banned Mumia from recording them himself.

  • Soul of a Citizen: Social Activism Today

    From the 13 year old Mumia Abu Jamal to the 80 year old Pete Seger, what does it take for an individual to become involved and to stay involved in issues of social justice? What leads some people to get involved while others feel overwhelmed or uncertain? These are some of the questions addressed in

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