Thursday, September 9, 1999

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  • UN Agrees to Postpone Retreat from East Timor

    The United Nations has decided to postpone its retreat from East Timor, agreeing to leave a skeletal staff at its compound. This came as a result of a battle within the compound, demands that the UN not leave, and the argument that over a thousand refugees in the compound would be killed. The Indonesian military has been turning cell phone lines into the country on and off, so we bring this interview with Allan Nairn taped yesterday. [includes rush transcript]

  • Fear of Reprisals Slows War-Crimes Investigation

    As war-crimes investigators in Kosovo continue to compile evidence of widespread atrocities committed against ethnic Albanians, the Yugoslav forces who fought in Kosovo have returned home. But it’s no easy task finding soldiers, police or paramilitaries who participated in Belgrade’s killing campaign in Kosovo a few months ago, who are willing to talk openly or honestly about what happened there. Some are reluctant to talk because they fear prosecution for war crimes, others fear severe consequences from their own government for speaking out. For many, they simply don’t want to remember.

  • Mother Receives Probation for Starving of Infant

    Tabitha Walrond, the mother who was convicted in the starvation death of her infant son Tyler, received 5 years probation by a Bronx, New York judge. The infant weighed just 5 pounds when he died in 1997 of severe malnutrition and dehydration. Walrond had argued she was unaware that the two breast-reduction operations she received at age 15 would impair her ability to feed her baby.