Friday, October 20, 2000

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  • Kidnappings in Yemen

    Since the explosion of the USS Cole naval ship in a Yemen Port by a supposed suicide buoy last week, the U.S. has sent more than 100 FBI agents to investigate. Agents are starting to fan out to remote areas of Yemen, and are even looking at tribes people.

  • Sag Strike

    When you see people on TV, you usually think they lead some kind of glamorous life, no matter who they play. But in commercials anyway, it’s the actors who are getting played–by an unfair system that makes it nearly impossible to make a living in TV commercials, and even harder if you act enough to be recognizable.

  • More Moore?

    As we heard in the news headlines, the latest anti-globalization protests are taking place in Seoul as Asian and European leaders began meeting in a cross-continent summit. Reports today say that South Korean authorities deployed 30,000 riot and plainclothes police to safeguard the third Asia-Europe Meeting. The protesters outside were peaceful, many carried placards that denounced globalization and free market economic policies. Many wore red and blue headbands with the sign "Fight" on them.

  • Ge Foods

    Yesterday the federal Government announced that millions of bushels of genetically engineered corn never intended for human consumption, and approved only for animal use, have somehow disappeared into the human food supply chain.