Tuesday, October 3, 2000

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  • Death of a Palestinian Boy

    A 12-year old Palestinian boy whose death in an Israeli-Palestinian gun battle shocked the world was killed by Israeli soldiers, a senior army commander confirmed today.

  • Debates Open, School Closes, Protests Abound

    Tonight is the night! Debate number one in the 2000 election campaign. Al Gore versus George W Bush. No you won’t hear Ralph Nader in the official debate, nor will you hear Pat Buchanan. Third Party candidates are banned in Boston.

  • Tulia Texas Part III: Residents Rally On the Governor’s Mansion

    When George W. Bush first announced he was running for presidential office, questions started to swirl about whether or not he had used cocaine. He denied committing adultery but he refused to say whether or not he had used drugs. Gore said he had smoked Marijuana. While the question of adultery is personal, the question of drugs points to something larger. An issue of public policy. Hundreds of thousands of people are imprisoned in this country for nonviolent offenses. 90,000 people in Texas alone, George Bush’s state.

  • Milosevic Addresses Yugoslavia in Rare Television Appearance

    In Yugoslavia right now hundreds of thousands of people are continuing their protest as part of the first general strike in the country since World War II. They are demanding that President Slobodan Milosovic step down from power and recognize what they call the Election victory of opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica. Last night in a rare nationally televised address to the nation, Slobodon Milosovic attacked the opposition saying they were trying to breakup the country and hand it over to NATO. Democracy Now correspondent Jeremy Scahill is in the streets of Yugoslavia.

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