Friday, November 10, 2000

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  • Was Nader a Spoiler? The Green Party Candidate Responds

    Angry Democrats have threatened retribution against Green Party candidate Ralph Nader if Vice President Al Gore is declared the loser in the presidential election. Nader won 3 percent of the nationwide vote, obtaining 2.6 million votes, but Democrats say that his totals in the closely contested states of Florida, Oregon and New Hampshire were well above the margins there between Gore and Bush. [includes rush transcript]

  • Democrats Mount Legal Challenges to Florida Vote, Election Still Up in the Air

    Republican George W. Bush’s campaign said today that Democrats should drop legal challenges in Florida now that a recount showed the Texas governor had been elected president but Al Gore’s camp said they would not give up until the legal system had "run its course." [includes rush transcript]

  • Miguel Flores Executed in Texas

    Despite widespread international opposition and the intervention of Mexico’s president-elect, Texas last night executed Miguel Flores, a Mexican citizen who had been on death row for 11 years. [includes rush transcript]