Tuesday, November 14, 2000

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  • Judge Will Decide Whether Palm Beach Recount Will End Today

    A state court prepared to rule today on whether the state could impose an evening deadline to end recounts of Florida votes that could determine the next president of the United States. One key county, Palm Beach County, suspended a hand recount of its votes until the confusion was cleared up, after receiving conflicting advice from two top state officials.

  • Michael Moore Writes Open Letter to Kofi Annan

    African nations have suggested sending observers to the United States to help overcome presidential poll confusion, as the world’s press debates over whether it is witnessing electoral chaos or simple democracy in action. South Africa’s Daily Star said that "International observers should be put in place" because "the United States must join the established democracies."

  • Activist Responds to President Clinton On Iraq

    With help from Russia, France and the Arab world, Iraq has ended a de facto air travel embargo. Now it’s chipping away at 10-year-old U.N. economic sanctions and seeking more control over its oil resources. Baghdad’s campaign to end its long diplomatic isolation appears to be gaining momentum.

  • As Texas Gets Ready to Break Its Own Execution Record, a Response to Clinton Remarks On Death Penalty

    This week, Texas is expected to break its own U.S. record for most executions in a year when it kills three men, the last of whom is said to be so mentally retarded that he still believes in Santa Claus. The executions, which are scheduled for three consecutive nights starting tonight, would give Texas 38 for the year, the most by any state since U.S. authorities began keeping death penalty records in 1930.