Tuesday, November 7, 2000

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  • Gore Or Nader? A Debate Between John Conyers and Manning Marable

    A lot of people today may make their final decision behind the curtain of their voting booth, especially if their choice is between voting for Ralph Nader or Al Gore. Many in the West Coast and those in swing states who are concerned that supporting Nader might ensure a Bush victory may even wait to hear about exit polls in the East before deciding which way they will vote. [includes rush transcript]

  • Money and Power in the 2000 Elections

    This electoral campaign has broken all spending records, with Senate candidates alone raising $334 million, according to a report by Common Cause. Corporate contributions to Al Gore and George Bush have also soared. And a CNN financial poll indicates that corporate America has thrown most of its weight behind Bush — who is heavily supported by the tobacco, pharmaceutical, defense and oil industries — believing that the Republican candidate will best represent their interests. Today, a discussion on money and politics. [includes rush transcript]

  • A View of the U.S. Elections From Abroad

    As voters head to the polls in the US, outside US borders — from Europe, to Latin America, to Asia, to Africa — millions of people are watching these elections very carefully, aware that their lives will be directly affected by the decisions of the next US president. As activist Evelyn Dow, of Guyana, said on Democracy Now during the Battle in Seattle: "We the poor people of the world should also be allowed to vote in US elections, because the US president makes decisions that will impact our lives." [includes rush transcript]

  • Death of David Brower, Founder of Friends of the Earth and Other Environmental Groups

    He was recognized around the world for his pioneering leadership in protecting the environment and wild places of the Earth. David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club and founder of Friends of the Earth, died this past Sunday in Berkeley, California, at the age of 88. He also founded the Earth Island Institute. Ralph Nader has called him "the leading environmental activist in the world." [includes rush transcript]

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