Thursday, February 17, 2000

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  • As Defense Rests, a Look at What Was Not Brought Up in the Diallo Murder Trial

    Defense lawyers for four white New York City police officers accused of murdering African immigrant Amadou Diallo rested their case yesterday, with the prosecution deciding not to cross-examine the last witness nor to present rebuttal witnesses to the week-long defense. Both sides agreed that the Albany jury be allowed to consider less serious charges than murder against the officers.

  • Former Black Cops Talk About Their Experiences On the Street

    One of the issues not raised at the Diallo murder trial, but that many from the community say was central to the case, is that of race. Diallo was black; the four officers accused of his murder are white. The unit they belonged to, the Street Crimes Unit, is notorious for targeting people of color for frisks and arrests, and two of the officers have had complaints filed against them that accused them of racial insensitivity. The charges were dismissed by Internal Affairs.