Wednesday, March 15, 2000

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  • FCC Seeks Airwaves Trading System

    The Chicago Tribune won’t need the approval of the Federal Communications Commission to seal its purchase of the Los Angeles Times, but the deal does trigger federal rules that prohibit ownership of a broadcast station and daily newspaper in the same locale. [includes rush transcript]

  • Genetics, Ethics and the Biotech Industry

    The United States and Britain today agreed to openly share data from a groundbreaking project to decode the human genetic pattern — a study that could serve as the foundation for developing new medical cures and preventions. [includes rush transcript]

  • G.W. Bush Uses Family Name to Secure $300 Million Deal in Argentina

    After the results of last night’s primaries in the South, G.W. Bush has garnered a sufficient number of delegates to capture the Republican nomination for President. Last night on ABC’s Nightline, political strategists David Gergen and George Stephanopoulos conceded that Bush has some problems, particularly in the area of foreign affairs. They say the Texas Governor will benefit from some trips overseas and lessons from foreign policy experts. [includes rush transcript]