Thursday, April 13, 2000

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  • World Bank Protests Continue

    Thousands of union activists rallied yesterday in Washington, D.C. to protest free trade policies that they say benefit American companies but hurt workers. The protest’s central theme was labor’s opposition to a plan by the Clinton administration to grant China permanent status as a most-favored nation, which would give the country permanent trade privileges. Critics cite China’s record on human and labor rights as a reason to deny Beijing most-favored status. [includes rush transcript]

  • Elian Gonzalez’s Miami Relatives Refuse Order to Turn Over Boy to His Father

    The Elian Gonzalez custody case hurtled toward a climax today, with the boy’s Miami relatives vowing to defy a government order to surrender him for a trip to Washington and a reunion with his father. "They will have to take this child from me by force," the boy’s great-uncle declared to a crowd of supporters. [includes rush transcript]

  • Most Censored Story: Does the American Cancer Society Work to Prevent Cancer?

    Last night, Project Censored handed out awards to journalists, academics and activists for covering stories that have been censored by the mainstream media. Among them was Dr. Samuel Epstein, the Chair of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. He exposed the American Cancer Society, one of the wealthiest non-profits, which gets much of its money from surgeons, top drug companies and corporations that he says profit from the cancer industry and have little interest in cancer prevention. According to Dr. Epstein, the ACS spends most of its money on overhead, salaries and fringe benefits, and little on cancer prevention and education. [includes rush transcript]