Friday, April 14, 2000

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  • The World Bank’s Dam Business

    Today, we are taking a look at the World Bank’s financing of dams. The World Bank has been the largest single source of funding for dam construction around the world. Critics note that under its stated aim of alleviating poverty, the bank has promoted and financed dams that have displaced over 10 million people from their land. The projects, they say, also cause severe environmental damage, and push developing nations further into debt. Activist groups charge that the World Bank has not been forced to pay for the destruction it has caused to millions of people’s lives and the environment. [includes rush transcript]

  • GE Brings Bad Things to Life

    GE says it brings good things to life. But does it really? General Electric is one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Its products are likely to be found in nearly every household, business and university in America. And it owns the media giant NBC. We now bring you a speech made by Bob Muehlenkamp, coordinator of a 14 union campaign at General Electric. He participated in an international conference at New York University last week entitled "Labor’s Next Century: Alliances, Sweatshops and the Global South." He is highly critical of GE’s labor practices in the world economy. [includes rush transcript]

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