Monday, April 17, 2000

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  • Protesters Prepare to Shut Down World Bank and IMF

    Thousands of protesters paralyzed the streets of Washington, D.C. over the weekend in an effort to shut down the meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The IMF convened yesterday, with protesters attempting to block the finance ministers and other delegates from entering. People in the streets were confronted by police in riot gear, and some 600 people were arrested. The World Bank is scheduled to meet today, with more protests and civil disobedience arrests expected. [includes rush transcript]

  • The Campaign Against Globalization and the Debt

    Sound Montage of anti-World Bank/IMF protesters in Washington this weekend (2 minutes). Produced by the Independent Media Center. [includes rush transcript]

  • The Independent Media Center

    The IMF announced that it would not grant accreditation to community-based radio and public access stations for this week’s meetings in Washington. Some activists are challenging what they view as the disempowerment of the public that is being created by the corporate media culture. The Independent Media Center grew out of the WTO protests in Seattle last November, when activists wanted to establish a public newsroom that furthers the democratization of the media. The Independent Media Center has since spread to other cities around the country. [includes rush transcript]

  • Grassroots Musician Activists Take on Biotech Companies

    Seize the Day is a group of grassroots activists in Britain that combines protest and music. They are working against biotechnology companies such as Monsanto, who produce genetically engineered food. Members of the band have been arrested for their protest actions, which have included occupying Monsanto headquarters, pulling genetically modified foods from supermarket shelves, and pulling up genetically engineered crops from the field. [includes rush transcript]

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