Thursday, May 18, 2000

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  • Rebel Leader Captured in Sierra Leone

    Days after disappearing, the rebel leader Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone was captured yesterday by pro-government forces, who shot him in the leg, stripped him naked, and turned him over to government officials. [includes rush transcript]

  • The Politics of Cancer

    The US government is poised to declare firmly that dioxin, a toxin found throughout the food supply and in the bodies of most people in the world, causes cancer in people. [includes rush transcript]

  • Yugoslav Government Seizes Belgrade Media, Shuts Down Radio B292

    In a surprise raid yesterday, the Serbian government seized control of Belgrade city broadcaster Studio B, closing down its news program. The attack also pulled the plug on independent Radio B292 in Belgrade, which is situated in the same building. A statement released this morning over the signatures of Deputy Serbian Prime Ministers Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, and Milovan Bojic, a prominent member of the Yugoslav Left, said that the Republic of Serbia had taken control of Studio B because the station had repeatedly called for the overthrow of the Serbian government. [includes rush transcript]