Wednesday, May 3, 2000

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  • Vieques

    Puerto Rican protesters waited for U.S. federal authorities to expel them from the U.S. Navy’s prized training ground at Vieques — even as several U.S. lawmakers and a religious leader promised to come to show their support. [includes rush transcript]

  • Disney Time Warner

    Whatever this controversy is about between Disney and Time Warner, it’s almost laughable to hear Disney call Time Warner a monopolist and in exchange on more than 3 million TV screens across the country we have seen the message Disney has taken ABC away from you. It’s a battle of an oligarch vs. a monopolist; in other words there are a few media conglomerates but they are being transmitted to us on local cable companies which have exclusive transmission rights in many cities. As one friend put it, whether elephants are fighting or making love, the grassroots still get trampled below. And today we are going to go to the grassroots. We’re going to start out with the battle between Disney/ABC and Time Warner. [includes rush transcript]

  • Low Power Radio

    Now we are going to talk about another controversy that is raging that goes to the heart of media and democracy, Low Power or Micro Radio: What micro radio is, why big broadcasters are fiercely lobbying against it, and we take a look at current legislation in Congress that may well kill it before it has a chance to grow. [includes rush transcript]

  • Arizona Ranchers Detain Immigrants

    The raid of the home of the distant Miami relatives who were holding young Elian Gonzalez a few weeks ago has brought the Immigration and Naturalization Service under fire from many Republican politicians and right wing pundits. Ironically, it is often these very politicians and pundits that call for the INS to act more forcefully in places like Texas and Arizona, in other words, border states.