Tuesday, May 30, 2000

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  • Former US Army Depleted Uranium Expert Alleges Campaign of Harassment Against Him for Speaking Out

    For years, the Pentagon has attempted to keep discussion of depleted uranium weapons out of the public eye. These are the radioactive munitions the US has used in Iraq, Bosnia, Vieques and, most recently, Yugoslavia. During the Gulf war, US and British warplanes fired off more than a million rounds of DU-coated bullets, and in Kosovo the Pentagon admits to using 31,000. [includes rush transcript]

  • Colombia

    Right now, a military aid bill for Colombia to fight the drug war is being held up in Congress. The bill, valued at around $1.6 billion, is strongly supported by the Clinton administration. Critics of the aid are feverishly working to have it killed, saying that the aid will train and arm a military force known for human rights violations, with close links to the notorious paramilitary death squads. [includes rush transcript]