Wednesday, May 31, 2000

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  • A U.S. Warplane Bombs a South Korean Village, Injuring Seven and Damaging 170 Homes

    Today on Democracy Now!, we are going to look at an explosive story that has gotten almost no attention in this country. Three weeks ago, on May 8, a U.S. Air Force A-10 Warthog bomber dropped six 500-pound bombs on the village of Maehyang-ri in South Korea. Villagers there claim that seven people were injured and some 170 houses damaged by the bombs. Military officials say the A-10 was experiencing engine trouble and dropped the bombs as an emergency measure to reduce its weight. The A-10 is the plane which U.S. forces used to fire off tens of thousands of rounds of depleted uranium bullets in Iraq during the Gulf War and some 31,000 in Kosovo. [includes rush transcript]

  • General Barry McCaffrey and the Final Days of the Gulf War

    U.S. and British jets have bombed northern Iraq three consecutive days. Iraq’s official news agency reported yesterday that three teen-age boys were killed and two others were severely injured when two bombs dropped on northern Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War exploded. [includes rush transcript]

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