Friday, June 16, 2000

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  • Washington Fights to Block U.S. Soldiers From War Crimes Prosecution

    Key Republican legislators this week introduced a bill barring the United States from virtually ever dealing with a new global criminal court. The legislation would deny American military aid to any country ratifying the international treaty on the court. This comes as the Clinton Administration— backed by the Pentagon— is seeking ironclad guarantees from its allies that U.S. soldiers will not be prosecuted for war crimes by the court. Further, the U.S. wants guarantees that US soldiers would be given immunity from war crimes charges before participating in any peacekeeping efforts.

  • Move to Make It a Felony to Leak Confidential Docs to Journalists

    Alarmed by a torrent of leaks, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has endorsed legislation that for the first time explicitly would make disclosing classified information to the media a felony punishable by up to three years in prison.

  • Anti-Terrorism Report Recommends Surveillance of International Students, Greater Power for FBI and CIA

    A report released this week by the National Commission on Terrorism says that the U.S. should be more aggressive against terrorism. The report calls for greater surveillance of international students and greater power for the CIA and the FBI.

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