Wednesday, June 7, 2000

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  • ATM for Senate: The Campaign of Jon Corzine of New Jersey

    Propelled from obscurity by his record-shattering $33 million campaign, Jon Corzine captured New Jersey’s Democratic Senate nomination yesterday and ruined the comeback hopes of former Gov. Jim Florio. Corzine is the former CEO of the investment brokerage firm Goldman Sachs. [includes rush transcript]

  • Ficus for Congress

    Claiming that the American people "deserve better," a potted plant, commonly known as "Ficus," is running for the Congressional seat in New Jersey’s 11th District as a write-in candidate on both the Democrat and Republican Party ballots. [includes rush transcript]

  • DNA Evidence and the Death Penalty

    Last week, Virginia Governor James Gilmore ordered new DNA tests that could end the uncertainty over whether a retarded man committed the rape and murder that has kept him behind bars for over seventeen years. [includes rush transcript]

  • Federal Database Would Take DNA Samples of the Arrested

    Now, we move on to the use of DNA that could potentially violate the rights of citizens. Civil Liberties advocates are expressing concern over the government’s plans to create a federal DNA database. The DNA would be taken from people suspected of violating the law, arrested but not convicted of a crime. [includes rush transcript]