Tuesday, July 25, 2000

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  • War and Oil: The Politics of Dick Cheney

    Early this morning, Republican sources said that George Bush called former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and asked him to be his running mate. Cheney reportedly accepted. In the flurry of coverage of Cheney, you probably now know that he’s low-key, quick to smile, blunt and that he has had 3 heart operations. In other words all style no substance. On Democracy Now!, we have a game, the first time someone hears a fact about Dick Cheney, we ring a bell. Let’s put it this way, our ears have not been ringing. He was the Chief of Staff of former President Gerald Ford. Cheney served 11 years as a very conservative Congress member from Wyoming; he was then Secretary of Defense during the U.S.-led Persian Gulf War and one of the main people advocating an all-out ground war with Iraq. He is currently the CEO of Halliburton Company, an oil-servicing corporation. He pulls down a salary of more than $2 million. Today on the show, we are going to take a close look at Dick Cheney. We begin with his voting record.

  • Mad Sheep Disease?

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced in mid July that it was going to seize and destroy 376 sheep in Vermont because a test had shown that four sheep on one farm were infected with a form of transmissible mad-cow like disease. The sheep in question are newly arrived immigrants to the U.S., coming from The Netherlands and Belgium. This of course has heightened the fear of the entry of the British born mad cow disease. Yet the farmers and local Vermont residents say that the decision by the government to eliminate the sheep in question shows the double standard, applied when public health is at stake and the interests of large corporations are not threatened. Last Friday a federal judge granted a week of reprieve to the sheep who may carry this version of mad-cow disease.

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