Friday, August 11, 2000

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  • Federal Court Opens Door to Revisit Campaign Spending Limit

    A federal judge yesterday threw out parts of the sweeping election money overhaul that took effect in Vermont this year, setting the stage for the latest major legal challenge to the country’s campaign finance system. [includes rush transcript]

  • Four Westerners Arrested in Yugoslavia On Spy Charges

    In Belgrade yesterday, British and Canadian diplomats met with four of their nationals detained in Yugoslavia on suspicion of terrorism more than a week ago. [includes rush transcript]

  • Chile Strips Pinochet of His Immunity

    The Chilean Supreme Court stripped former dictator Augusto Pinochet of his immunity from prosecution this week, in a decision that dealt the beleaguered senator-for-life his worst defeat ever in his homeland. [includes rush transcript]

  • Reform Party Splits in Two

    After two days of warring and confusion, the Reform Party tore itself in two and launched separate conventions next door to each other, one to nominate conservative Pat Buchanan for president and the other supporting physicist John Hagelin. [includes rush transcript]