Monday, August 14, 2000

  • The Democrat’s War Bucks Pipeline: National Missile Defense, Raytheon Corporation and the Democratic National Convention

    In Los Angeles last night there was a major bash on the waterfront for so called Blue Dog Democrats— that’s the term for conservative Democrats in Congress. They are headed by John Breaux of Louisianna. The hosts of this party include major corporations like cigarette giant Philip Morris, Pepsi Cola, as well as the major arms manufacturer Raytheon.

  • Hotel Workers Protest the Democrat’s Use of Their Hotel As They Fight for a Union

    We turn now to a local issue here in LA which has gained national significance because of the Democratic National Convention here this week. It is the issue of the attempt of workers for the Loews Hotel chain here to unionize. Loews is being used as the headquarters for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the convention. Interestingly, the chief executive of Loews, Jonathan Tisch is a close personal friend of Al Gore. He has invested more than $150,000 over two years to stoke Gore’s campaign.

  • Overview of the Week’s Demonstrations in L.A.

    We now turn to a rundown of what will be taking place in the streets of LA this week as thousands protest the Democratic National Convention.

  • The Growing Power of Latinos and Labor in Los Angeles

    There was an interesting article in Sunday’s LA Times. It said "Less than a generation ago, Southern California unions were dominated by white building trade unions—carpenters, plumbers and the like. Today, they are mainly service industry groups, populated by the city’s working class Latinos, first- and second-generation immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua and beyond. They are more political than their predecessors, more liberal, more aggressive and more effective.

  • Mass Demonstration for Mumia Abu Jamal Kicks Off Week of Protest in Los Angeles

    Thousands of people marched through downtown Los Angeles Sunday as they kicked off what will be a week of major protest here in Los Angeles during the Democratic National Convention. Scores of police officers in riot gear lined the streets and helicopters hovered above as marchers wound their way through the streets of LA to the Staples Center.

  • Chuck D and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Break Down the Joe Lieberman and Pat Buchanan Connection

    Well Juan, Last week your colleague at the New York Daily News Jim Dwyer had an interesting column about Al Gore’s number two man Joseph Lieberman, called "Senator Sent Mixed Moral Signals." It started like this:

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