Tuesday, August 15, 2000

  • Sen. Russ Feingold Speaks on the Special Interest Money at the D.N.C.

    As the Democratic National Convention swings into full gear, a so-called Shadow Convention has been taking place just a few blocks down from the Staples Center. Among those who addressed the convention yesterday was US Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. He has been hammering hard at the issue of campaign finance and fundraising. Here in LA we are seeing a major pipeline of corporate and special interest money flowing throughout corporate suites. [includes rush transcript]

  • Police Beat Demonstrators as Bill and Hillary Speak

    Last night, Rage Against the Machine threw a concert just outside the Staples Center just as President Clinton and Hillary Clinton were arriving to give their addresses to the Democratic Convention. Reports have been pouring into the Independent Media Center of widespread police attacks on demonstrators. We are now joined by three people who were in the streets during the concert. [includes rush transcript]

  • Gore, Oil and Indigenous People

    Thousands of people took to the streets of LA yesterday to demonstrate against Vice President Al Gore’s connections to the Occidental Petroleum company. In all police arrested 10 activists who conducted a sit-in in the streets during what was dubbed a "March Against Big Oils Buyout of Al Gore". This all took place just minutes before the opening session of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

  • Al Gore’s Oligarchy

    We should say that two U’wa leaders were scheduled to be here in LA for the demonstration, but at the last moment they were denied entry visas to the United States.

  • Who Is Al Gore?

    We are joined now by two people to discuss the rise of Al Gore.

  • Al Gore’s Incinerated Promises

    Eight years ago vice-president elect Al Gore made a promise. He promised to shut down the WTI, no not the WTO, Al Gore was pledging to put an end to the WTI–the Waste Technologies Industries which is the world’s largest incinerator. Eight years on, local residents are still battling to have the toxic incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio shutdown. The incinerator burns hazardous waste next to an elementary school and serious questions have been raised about the excessive emissions of dioxins which is pumping lead and mercury into the air. The WTI incinerator burns about 70,000 tons of hazardous waste each year. This time around, Sierra Club endorsed Al Gore, is making no more promises to end this environmental and public health threat.

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