Friday, August 4, 2000

  • George Bush’s Address

    Last night, the Republican National Convention wrapped up with Texas Governor George W. Bush officially accepting nomination for president by the Republican Party. [includes rush transcript]

  • I-Witness Video Police Brutality Wrap-Up

    Moving from the convention floor to the streets of Philadelphia. The arrests continue here on the streets of Philadelphia, and so, too, does the jail solidarity by activists who have camped outside the various jails where the arrested are held calling for their release. The authorities here in Philadelphia have been on a crackdown of immense proportions. In the last couple of days, a number of people have been picked up, not in demonstrations, but simply walking down the street. They are considered by the police to be the ring leaders of the protesters who have come into Philadelphia to demonstrate during the Republican National Convention. And the treatment of many protesters, much of which has been captured on video cameras of various independent media reporters or activists, has illustrated a frightening level of violence by the police towards protesters. [includes rush transcript]

  • Independent Media Center Tour

    This place where we have been broadcasting from this past week in Philadelphia is the Independent Media Center. The first of its kind, we saw in Seattle last year. Since then, this safe space for independent media makers has traveled to Washington, and now it is here in Philadelphia. Activists have been working for months to get this remarkable project together. You may hear that our voices are echoey. We are in a vast space, a little like a ballroom that is filled with computers and video and sound equipment. But more than that, there is an incredible amount of human resources here. Hundreds of media activists have come from around the country to portray what is happening on the streets with their cameras, microphones and laptop computers. From here, they can convey and send out to the nation and the world the phenomenon that is up rising against corporate power. But not through a corporate lens. [includes rush transcript]

  • Bush Analysis

    Today is the day after. The day after the four day Republican National Convention. Last night was the culminant event, the acceptance speech of George W Bush, the Governor of Texas.

  • Tour of Web Site

    Democracy Now has entered into the age of New Media. This means that not only do we report in the traditional way with tape recorder, microphone and a pen, but our reporting now encompasses video and audio digital production as well as internet technology. Pratap Chatterjee is our New Media reporter and he is here to walk us through his specially designed Democracy Now Web site which was designed for our election coverage over the next few months. The Web site is called Breaking with Convention. Power, Protest and the Presidency.

  • High Bail and Surveillance

    In the last few days there have been a number of arrests of activists. Some have been picked up in the street when they were not directly engaged in any form of protest. Among the people who were arrested was John Sellers who is the head organizer of the RUCKUS Society which has trained people in civil disobedience all over the country, from the protests in Seattle to Washington, DC and now here in Philadelphia. Yesterday as he was walking along the street he was arrested by the police. His arrest was captured on video and he was saying "I am a trainer of people in non-violence, we are against destruction of property." John Sellers’ bail has just been set at one million dollars.

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