Wednesday, September 20, 2000

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  • Protesters Occupy Commission On Presidential Debates

    As we go to air, we understand protesters have occupied the office of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

  • Protesters Take Over Gore’s Campaign Office in Olympia–Petroleum Politician Still Silent

    We received a phone call last night from activists who took over Gore’s campaign office yesterday in Olympia, Washington. The protesters were demanding that he use his influence to get Occidental Petroleum out of Colombia, where the U’wa Indians are slated to be kicked off of their land to make way for the Oil giant.

  • George W. Heckled On Oprah

    George W. Bush was on Oprah yesterday, one week and a day after Al Gore made an appearance, in the presidential candidates’ race for women voters. And there was a little surprise for both the presidential candidate and Oprah.

  • The W Is for Women: Wooed By the Candidates

    Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore have been focusing on the women this week in the presidential campaign. Whether it’s Gore talking about his mother-in-law’s high prescription costs, attacking HMOs for their lack of coverage for breast cancer treatments, Bush saying that W. is for Women, or both candidates’ appearances on Oprah, there is a renewed focus on the fight for the vote of women. We decided to talk to two women about the candidates.

  • Yugoslavia’s Elections

    In Yugoslavia there is less than a week to go before voters head to the polls in the first nationwide elections since NATO’s bombing ended just over a year ago. There is a lot at stake in these elections, most notably the presidency. President Slobodan Milosevic is facing a strong challenge from opposition candidate Voijslav Kostunica. The latest polls show him leading the Yugoslav president by a six point margin. More than four million of the nearly eight million eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots this weekend.

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