Monday, October 1, 2001

  • Thousands Take to the Streets in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. to Call for Peace And Justice

    More than 20,000 anti-war demonstrators, including many anti-globalization activists, took to the streets of Washington DC and San Francisco to protest possible US military action in response to the attacks on US targets earlier this month. In San Francisco, almost 10,000 people converged on a park in San Francisco’s predominately Latino Mission District to denounce the Bush administration’s plans for military intervention in Afghanistan. Nearly as many came to a series of demonstrations and teach-ins in Washington this weekend, saying that Bush does not have the full support of the American people for a war against terrorism. Many demonstrators connected the attacks to the questions of global trade that have drawn large protests in recent years, and said the fight against war is closely linked to the fight against corporate globalization.

  • Peace Activists and Anti Capitalist Demonstrators Are Penned in By Police in the Streets Ofwashington, DC

    On Saturday morning, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence led a march in a park outside Washington’s Union Station, nearthe US Capitol building, behind a 16-foot-long banner reading: "Anticapitalists against war, racism, terrorism,property." Police officers on motorcycles swarmed around protesters as they gathered a few blocks from the WhiteHouse, and a helicopter circled overhead. When the demonstrators reached the end of the parade route at the WorldBank and IMF buildings, they were penned in to a space of several blocks by police and prevented from leaving forover an hour. Eventually the National Lawyers Guild negotiated an emergency injunction to have the protestersreleased, and police escorted the group to the other rally several blocks away.

  • "Merchants of Death": Weapons Industry Sees Rising Profits

    As firefighters struggle to clear the wreckage of the World Trade Center and as people mourn the losses of lovedones, new weapons industries are gearing up for wartime level profits.

  • "Don’t Turn This Tragedy Into a War": A Washington, D.C. Teach-in

    This weekend in Washington, organizers held a series of teach-ins on global trade and movement organizing, and alsoon the burgeoning peace movement in the US. On Saturday night the International Socialist Organization sponsored aforum in the All Soul’s Church called: "Don’t Turn this Tragedy into a War." The first speaker was the ReverendGraylan Hagler, a longtime civil rights, anti death penalty, and anti war activist, well-known in Washington DC, mostrecently for work to prevent DC General Hospital, the oldest hospital in the country, from being shut down.

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