Wednesday, October 10, 2001

  • Palestinian Authority Joins Israeli Military in Cracking Down On Palestinian Dissent, Killing Two Anti-War Protesters

    Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is facing a storm of criticism after Palestinian police killed two Palestinians,including a 12 year old boy, and wounded at least 200 in demonstrations yesterday in the Gaza Strip protesting the USbombing of Afghanistan. Yasser Arafat’s government took two unprecedented steps–closing Gaza City’s universities tosilence Islamic critics and barring foreign reporters from the Gaza Strip to prevent coverage of the events. OsamaBin Laden’s videotaped message on Sunday, which said the US would not be secure until the people of Palestine aresecure, helped to spark the demonstrations by elements of the Islamic group Hamas.

  • FBI Questions Pacifist Group Women in Black: A Roundtable with Members From Berkeley to Newyork to Jerusalem

    Every Wednesday evening for the past few weeks, a group of women has gathered in front of the New York Public libraryin midtown, Manhattan. They dress all in black as a symbol of mourning for victims of war, and they stand silentlybecause, according to one member, words cannot express the tragedy that wars and hatred bring.

  • Youth Protest for Peace in Bush’s Back Yard

    In recent days tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of major cities of Europe, the Middle East andAsia to protest against the US and British air strikes on Afghanistan.

  • As the U.S. Rushes to Support to the Northern Alliance, Human Rights Watch Declares the Group Is Responsible for Widespread Human Rights Violations

    While much of the US media lauds the Taliban opposition group the Northern Alliance as heroic, human rights andwomen’s groups point out that their record is anything but clean. After the crisis of September 11 Northern Allianceleader Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed two days before the attacks, has been presented as friend to the US. A_New York Times_ piece marveled at the very limited permission given to women in Northern Alliance-heldterritory to study and work and wear a less restrictive covering than the burqa. The piece brushed aside the factthat many warlords of the Northern Alliance are themselves religious fighters who not only restricted womenconsiderably when they held power from 1992 to '96 but plunged the country into civil war, compiling a record ofethnically motivated mass murder, rape and other atrocities and leaving the population so exhausted that theTaliban's promise of law and order came as a relief.

  • Trading On Tragedy: Congress Pushes Trade Promotion Authority

    In a piece called "Trading on Tragedy" Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research writes, "Everycrisis and tragedy is an opportunity for some, as any ambulance-chasing lawyer can tell you. We expect the Pentagonto lard its already bloated budget, and Attorney General John Ashcroft to chip away at the Bill of Rights, all in thename of the War Against Terrorism. But "Trade Promotion Authority?" That seems like quite a stretch." Yet that’sexactly what happened.

  • As Bush Fights So-Called War On Terrorism Abroad, U.S. Harbors Cuban Terrorists in Miami

    As the Bush Administration wages its so-called war against terrorism, US officials have said repeatedly that the USmay attack any country harboring or supporting terrorists and that there is no statute of limitations when it comesto prosecuting them.