Friday, October 26, 2001

  • US Bombs Red Cross in Kabul, As Three Children Die in Another Attack; a Conversation Withpakistan-Based Journalist Richard Lloyd Parry

    Richard Lloyd Parry wrote in yesterday’s Independent:

    “Sami Ullah was asleep when it happened, and so his friends and neighbours had to tell him about the bomb that struckhis house and what it did to him and his family. How the American planes, which had been over earlier in the evening,had returned after everyone went to bed and how, instead of the Taliban base two miles away, they dropped their bombson a residential area of the town of Tarin Kot.

  • As U.S. Drops Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs On Afghanistan, a Look at the Bombs’ Impact On Civilians From Laos to Cambodia

    This week US bombers and warplanes began dropping cluster bombs near front line Taliban troops in Afghanistan. On Monday US attacks killed eight people near the village of Heart, one of whom died after picking up an unexploded"bomblet" left behind by a cluster bomb. The UN and humanitarian groups have urged the US to stop dropping the devastating weapons, and some have called for international laws to outlaw their use.

  • Senate Overturns Global Gag Rule Barring Funding for Reproductive Rights Groups Around Theworld

    The U.S. Senate has approved language overturning the Global Gag Rule, the anti-abortion policy that Bush re-imposedon his first full day as President. The gag rule restricts abortion-related advocacy and health services by foreignorganizations who receive U.S. aid for their work abroad. Aid workers in some countries where abortion is illegalcannot even say the word "abortion," for fear of losing their funding.

  • Toxic Zone: World Trade Center Clean-Up Workers Face Hazardous Conditions

    A month after the twin towers vanished from the Manhattan skyline in blinding clouds of dust, what’s left at groundzero still smokes. Thick plumes rise from the twisted heaps of ruined steel. The fuels, paints, insulating materialsand other substances that made up the World Trade Center towers— may pose long-term health risks when incineratedand released into the air. Add to the mix exploded jet fuel and organic material from the over 5,000 people presumedkilled and you have a gigantic, uncontrolled demolition site, a place whose acrid exhalations can change incomposition by the minute based on the direction of the wind and the depth of the digging. And according to a sharplyworded federal report, hundreds of injuries to workers combing through the rubble at the World Trade Center mighthave been prevented had the city been faster to require proper training and equipment at what is still an "extremelyhazardous" work site.

  • An Afghani Feminist Just Returned From Northern Afghanistan Tells of Life Under the Taliban

    US bombs have destroyed two Red Cross warehouses in Kabul, wiping out stocks of food and cooking oil intended for widows and disabled people, Red Cross officials told reporters. Overnight attacks killed five people, including three children.

  • Senate Passes So-Called "Anti-Terrorism Bill"

    The Senate passed its version of the House’s wide ranging anti-terrorism bill last night.

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