Thursday, November 8, 2001

  • The Erosion of Democracy: How the Political Right Will Benefit From the Events of 9/11

    As the FBI struggles to crack anthrax cases, authorities have definitely not ruled out the possibility that they maybe the work of a domestic extremist group. Popular perception points to Al Qaeda or some international organization.But with no definitive leads in the case, law-enforcement officials are looking back home. Many domestic terroristsare said to be obsessed with biological weapons–as evidenced by the hundreds of anthrax hoaxes perpetrated byright-wing groups, most often against abortion clinics.

  • Republican Multibillionaire Media Mogul Michael Bloomberg Takes New York Mayoral Race

    Republican multibillionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg parlayed his bankroll and Mayor Rudolf Giuliani’s backingto narrowly defeat Democrat Mark Green last night to be New York’s 108th mayor. A political novice once given littlechance to win in a Democratic town, Bloomberg spent more than $50 million of his fortune to win the right to govern acity facing the worst fiscal crisis since the 1970s. Bloomberg’s spending in his successful bid to defeat publicadvocate and consumer activist Mark Green, is a mayoral election record. Since May, Bloomberg has spent $23.5 millionon TV, radio and print ads, in contrast to Green’s $12 million. A recent Village Voice article alleges that Bloomberghas been charged with three sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases.

  • Israel’s Knesset Votes to Revoke Immunity From Popular Palestinian Member of Parliament Azmibishara—He Can Now Be Prosecuted for Publicly Supporting Palestinian Right to Resist Occupation

    Yesterday, the Israeli Knesset voted to revoke the Parliamentary immunity of Palestinian MK Azmi Bishara

  • As Congress Debates Legislation On Airport Security, Workers and Community Groups Say Realsecurity Means Higher Wages and More Rights for Airport Employees

    Congressional negotiators met yesterday to try and reconcile competing bills on airport security, but adjournedwithout agreement after only an hour. The House and Senate have been unable to agree on the key issue of whetherthousands of airport security workers should be put on government payrolls. The Senate last week unanimously passeda bill that would federalize airport security workers. Days later the House passed a bill that would keep privatecontractors in charge of airport workers but bring them under tighter federal regulation.

  • Beyond the Borqua in Afghanistan: A Discussion with the Filmmaker

    The US-led "coalition against terrorism" promises that a draft UN Security Council resolution would stress theresponsibility of a transitional government in Afghanistan to eradicate "human rights violations" as well asterrorism. Lakhadar Brahimi, the UN special envoy, has said that any post-Taliban government would "reflect the willof the Afghan people". But President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the UN Security Council havenot demonstrated that they will insist on specific guarantees for the rights and representation of Afghan women.There has been no mention of women’s participation in decisions on future governance in Afghanistan.

  • 60s in An Unforgiving National Climate, Radical Turned Community Activist Sara Jane Olsonpleads Guilty to Charges That She Planted a Bomb Decades Ago But Also Claims She Is Not Guilty

    An angry Los Angeles judge scolded Sara Jane Olson yesterday for publicly flip-flopping on her guilty plea toattempted murder charges last week and made her enter the plea again, repeating in court that she was in fact guilty.The case of Sara Jane Olson, a sixties radical turned community activist in Minneapolis, has drawn a lot of attentionrecently. Olson is accused of committing terrorist acts. Papers describing her case scream: "FUGITIVE revolutionary"and "terrorist radical." Olson plead guilty to charges that she plotted 26 years ago to bomb two police cars. Twodays ago Olson, at a Los Angeles hearing on her case, Sara reiterated her guilty plea but stated unequivocally thatshe neither possessed the bombs, constructed the bombs, nor placed the bombs under police cars. But she acknowledgedguilt under the definition of aiding and abetting.