Wednesday, March 21, 2001

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  • Macedonian Government Gives Albanian Rebels a 24-Hour Ultimatum

    The Macedonian government has given the ethnic Albanian militias that are occupying villages in the north of thecountry 24 hours to halt their attacks and leave Macedonia. The government says that if the militias do not leave,it will begin heavy bombing at midnight local time.

  • Senate Passes Amendment to Boost Millionaires to the Level of Billionaires

    The Senate continued its debate on campaign finance reform yesterday, and passed the first amendment to thelegislation in question, the McCain-Feingold bill.

  • Mexican President Asks Rebels to Stay in Capitol

    Mexican President Vicente Fox has appealed to the Zapatista rebels to stay in Mexico City and negotiate with Congressover the proposed Indian rights bill.

  • Activists Turned Away From Canadian Border Weeks Before Anti-Ftaa Protests

    The Zapatistas rose up on January 1, 1994, the day that NAFTA went into effect. But this hasn’t stopped othergovernments from trying to expand so-called "free trade" to the entire hemisphere. From April 20 to 22, Quebec Citywill host 34 heads of state for the Summit of the Americas. The central agenda item: passing the controversial FreeTrade Area of the Americas, which would extend NAFTA to every country in the Western Hemisphere except Cuba.