Monday, September 10, 2001

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  • UN World Conference Against Racism Ends with Contentious Political Declaration On Slavery and the Middle East

    After nine days of often bitter debate, the historic U.N. World Conference Against Racism ended on Saturday.Delegates from more than 160 countries, many with competing agendas, managed to unanimously support a statement andaction plan for combating racism and related discrimination.

  • Women, Racism and Globalization

    One of the conversations among grassroots activists in Durban which didn’t receive attention in this countryconcerned the connections between racism and globalization. Many of the countries and peoples most affected byslavery, colonialism, and their aftermath, have been adversely affected by IMF imposed structural adjustment, WorldBank lending and development practices, and Western led corporate globalization.

  • Racism and the Plight of Kurds in Turkey and Iraq

    Despite the large presence of NGOs, the structure of the conference has meant that government delegates could easilyarrive, negotiate and leave without ever having considered actual, real-life experiences and effects of racism.